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Positive Lending believes strongly the ability for corporations to positively impact society; we refer to our policy as "conscious capitalism".

Our policy can be broadly split into three distinct categories;
1. Community involvement
2. Environmental sustainability
3. Ethical business practice

Race to the SummitPositive Lending has partnered with a number of charities since incorporation to promote cause awareness and provide donations. In 2011 the company worked with National Deaf Children's Society. In this year Paul McGonigle climbed to Everest base camp and raised £3,500. The donation was partly raised through a company fund raising event at Castlepoint Shopping Centre. Paul and Chris Fairfax climbed the vertical distance of Everest base camp on a step machine whilst other members of the team collected donations. Additional funds were raised from business partners, introducers, colleagues, friends and family.

In 2011 and 2012 Chris ran the London Marathon for Cancer Research UK and raised over £1000. In 2013 Paul raised over £700 for Cancer Research UK by climbing Mera Peak in the Himalayas.

Race to the SummitIn Quarter 3 2014 Positive Lending made a contribution of £50 per completed case and donating to a different charity every quarter. Our first charity is CMT UK, a small organisation who aims to raise the profile and support people affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. We expect to raise between £3500 and £5000. Any donation will be paid from our profit and not deducted from our introducers. The charity will write to each introducer providing a thank you, giving a short insight to the work carried out and advising how donations are used for good.

In 2012 Positive Lending sought to dramatically reduce paper usage and aims to function with a vastly reduced output by 2017. Where permitted, any forms used are created as editable PDF files and we encourage our introducers to engage with this method of transferring information. Since 2012 our office now uses 60% less paper per annum.


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