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Our second charge mortgage team has years of experience, they have arranged thousands of loans for thousands of borrowers. Day in and day out they source the best loan outcomes for borrowers from our established ‘whole of market’ lender panel. Positive Lending are fully compliant with the MCD rules which came into effect in March 2016.

Why consider a second charge mortgage for your client

When you wish to consider other options in addition to a remortgage or further advance, we can prepare a second charge mortgage quotation for you in minutes. Second charge mortgages offer value to clients who are:
Tied into a fixed mortgage with redemption penalties
Benefiting from an existing low mortgage rate but wanting to raise capital
Being offered a further advance with a higher rate
Currently on an interest only mortgage product
Wishing to capital raise for business purposes, including deposits for buy to let mortgages
Needing to pay a tax bill
Keen to retain their current mortgage product but have historic adverse credit
Recently self-employed, retired or attract income from multiple sources.

We offer a 'full advice' service or a 'no advice' packaged solution

If you are not authorised to advise on, or have limited experience with, second charge mortgages, we will provide a full advice service. Alternatively, if you are authorised to advise on second charge mortgages, we will provide you with 'packaged' solution. We tailor our support to fit your requirements. Please call our head office team or click here for details of commission and any applicable clawbacks.

Want instant loan sourcing, illustrations and case tracking? We give you 360!

Use Positive's 360 loan sourcing system to search for the best loan options from over 30 providers, access the latest 'Positive' exclusive products, create compliant mortgage illustrations and track your cases through to completion. Register here.

Want help with your client's enquiry?

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Residential second charge mortgage application

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Buy to let second charge mortgage application

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Second charge mortgage lender panel

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